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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. –Henry Ward Beecher

About Bonnie Hovel

Bonnie resides in Florida. Her delicate watercolor paintings represent the vibrant flora and lazy fauna she sees every day.

My artistic challenge is to interpret nature across different cultures and climates. I am inspired by animals, plants and people in their natural settings. Birds in Florida and blueberries in the Pacific Northwest where I lived for several decades are some of the subjects I enjoy painting, along with grandchildren and landscapes. I hope my paintings capture some of the charm of a warm world in motion. 

 A Social Worker by background, I find that art helps me appreciate people and environments in a unique way. I am continuously impressed and moved by the diversity of people living in the world and the variety of activities they pursue. My goal is to capture in my paintings the characters of the people, animals and settings I observe. I have taken up photography in order to collect a wide array of reference photos for my paintings.

I find art to be a lifelong challenge as well as a pleasure. It helps me enjoy the moments of my life and provides a framework for continuous learning and improvement. I enjoy spending time with and learning from other artists when taking courses and participating in organizations promoting art in the community. I also enjoy meeting art appreciators attending the shows.



Florida Watercolor Society

Central Florida Watercolor Society

Eastside Fine Arts Association

Northwest Watercolor Association

ArtEast Art Center


Teachers include

Denise Cole

Joe McKechnie

Mareth Warren

Fred Lisaius

Don Andrews

Steve Rogers

Their websites are worth visiting!


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